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Jorma Kaukonen and yours truly !

Yours truly and Jorma Kaukonen (with the red hat!),
August 1st 1987, in Deptford, NJ

Psychedelic light show photo !

Psychedelic light show photo !

Psychedelic light shows I used to do, with Jorma and others, in the 70s and 80s.

In the early 90s, it was limited to nightclubs, but, hey....!!!


Photo of Beatles George Harrison, the Radha Krishna Temple and yours truly at Maxim's !

Singing "Hare Krishna" or "Govinda Jai" at Maxim's in Paris,
with The Radha Krishna Temple and Beatle George Harrison.
February 1970.
I'm on the right (with hair), and you know George, of course !
(photo from Paris-Match)


Robert Wyatt in his car, on the way to Louth, Lincolnshire, Summer 1990


Robert Wyatt in a Louth parking lot, summer 1990


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