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Search Engines
Moteurs de recherches


 HotBot / Lycos

French / Français

Perso-Search : l'Annuaire des pages perso

Search and references / Recherche et réfèrences.
Good Internet glossary and dictionary.
Welcome to WhoWhere?!
Sorte de 'pages blanches', en anglais.
Ask Jeeves!
Switchboard: The Internet Directory -
Yellow Pages - White Pages - PhoneBook
Pages jaunes et blanches américaines, en anglais
UK slang dictionary
A U.K. slang dictionary.
Un dictionnaire "argot anglais-anglais". En anglais, donc!
History Channel !
What happened today in history
Ce qui c'est passé ce jour dans l'histoire


A search engine for your homepage...FREE!!
Un moteur de recherche pour votre site. On peut le faire parler français!


NASA website !

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi's Galaxy Spot
A cross between Carl sagan and Madonna
Un croisement entre Hubert Reeves et Madonna
The HEASARC is a source of gamma-ray, X-ray, and extreme ultraviolet observations
of cosmic (non-solar) sources. Nasa.

Around the World
Autour du Monde

The National Web Site for the Republic of Cuba - CubaWeb
Le site officiel / The official site.

Asia, Japan, China,...etc
L'Asie, le Japon, la Chine,...etc

l'Inde, India

Indian search engines

Hindi Portal ! Un portail en Hindi !
Un portail en Hindi !
Hindi portal !
Jadoo search engines !
South Asia Network !
Khoj !
Link India
123 India !

Essence of India
Indian Search Engines and Directories
India Search Worldwide


Live TV from India !
Indian TV live via Real TV/Audio

All India Radio !

The Deccan Herald !
English-language daily out of Bangalore (Karnataka)

Hindi Milap newspaper
Daily Hindi Milap (Hyderabad)
The First Hindi Newspaper to be on the Net

The Deccan Chronicle on the Web
Online newspaper out of Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

Manipur online paper

Times of India

The Hindu newspaper

Mysore Online ! !
Mysore Online

About Manipur, in north-east India!
Daily news, views, editorials, analyses from Manipur

Indian websites / Sites indiens.

Famous India

Tourist infos, photos, hotels, glossary....

GOACOM - Goa Web site
Karnataka Homepage
The Indian Temple Homepage
Info and pix of many temples / Infos et photos de temples indiens.
Le Népal pays des dieux
Belle page perso sur le Népal.
Lifestylz! - The Lifestyles Magazine
Makes Bombay sounds as if it were Soho, SoHo, the Lower East Side, or le Quartier Latin!!!
Itihaas: The History of India!  
Art India
Indian Arts / Les arts indiens
Guide to India and web design
Pondicherry Homepage
Sangeetham, Carnatic music
Sangeetham, Carnatic music site
Un site avec tout sur la musique carnatique
Friends of the river Narmada
A solidarity network for the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada Movement) fighting the construction of a large dam network on the river Narmada.

India Together
India Together


Udaipur City / La Ville d'Udaipur

Everything about Mewar / Tout sur Mewar


Navratri Festival, Gujarat
Navratri Dance Festival in Gujarat
Le Festival de danse de Navratri dans le Gujarat

Indian Railroads

South Central Railway
Indian Railways On Line
Western Railway
Out of Churchgate Station, Mumbai

Konkan Railways
Konkan Railways
between Mumbai and Mangalore

Rail in India
Indian railway photographs
Photographies de trains indiens

Indian Railways Fan Club
All about Indian Railways
Tout sur les trains d'Indian Railways


Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes!
Sanjeev Kapoor
Bawarchi cookbook
Bawarchi Cookbook
Recipe Delights!
Indian Recipes

Italie, Italia, Italy

Search Engines

SuperEva Search Engine
Super Eva search engine

Il Trovatore

Web Italia Web Mondo
Mp3 Notizie
Canali Directory_Italia

Italian search engines

Art, Musique, Culture, Musées, Galleries

Venezia - Palazzo Grassi
PropArt - Florence around the World - Cupola
Live webcam from Florence
La Città di Roma / La Ville de Rome / The City of Rome
Galleria degli Uffizi
Benvenuti nella Città dell'Arte
La Scala - Welcome

Voyages-Infos diverses/Travels--Various Infos

Italian Portal
Ciao Italy portal

Made In Italy Online
Italian fashion, food, wine, shopping, and travel
Time Out - Rome Guide
RomaOnLine - Roma e Romani in linea
Ministero per i Beni Culturali
Campania Public Transportations--Transports en Communs de Campanie
Comune di Roma
Rock and Tourism in Tuscany!!!
Views and photos of Pompeï-Panoramic visit
Vues et photos de Pompeï-Visite panoramique

Roman History
A listing of Roman Emperors and Roman history

Medieval info
Medieval world infos! Infos sur le monde médiéval!

Italian Media / Les Media Italiens

la Repubblica
il manifesto
Gazzetta dello Sport
Corriere della sera
La Stampa
RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana

Paris Things, French Things
Choses de Paris et de France

ARTOTAL : La Flèche d'Or Café
Les Pages de Paris
Chateau de Versailles
Plan de situation d'Ussat-les-Bains
Michel Bras: la gastronomie dans l'Aubrac

Revue littéraire française
Revue littéraire française.
French litterary review.

Meilleur du Chef
Recipes et recettes

Locutions Latines
Locutions latines

Dictionnaire français-argot et argot-français

Science Fiction, Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith,
HP Lovecraft, Cthulhu

A Tribute to Clark Ashton Smith
Ragged Entelechy: Fiona Webster's Site
Monsters from the Id
Two short-stories from Clark Ashton Smith
The Eldritch Dark: Dedicated to the works of Clark Ashton Smith
Everything about CAS
H.P. Lovecraft Archives - Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937)
Welcome to the Jack Vance archive
La Clef d'Argent - Littérature Fantastique
Jack Vance en français
Un très beau site en français

Web Cams
Camera Internet Plus ou Moins en Direct

Webcam World
webcam index
Live TV from around the world!!
Home Page of NOLA, New Orleans
Live cam from Bourbon Street
Erdman Video Systems
Live cams from Miami Beach and elsewhere

TV/Radio from around the World
Télévision/Radio du monde entier

Musiques traditionnelle, folk, world et apparentées,
accordéon et chanson française sur
Radio Libertaire
RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana
BBC Online - Homepage
All India Radio
The Indian Express Main Page
DOORDARSHAN 1999 -- Home Page
Live TV from India
France Télévision
La Télévision Française
Montpellier, France
European sports network


Deleuze web

Political / Politique

  La Fédération Anarchiste
Ephemeride Anarchiste accueil
La Confédération Paysanne de José Bové !
La Confédération Paysanne de José Bové

USA / The World

Z Magazine
Z Magazine: Albert, Chomsky, Herman, Fisk,....

Pravda in English
Pravda online in English. La Pravda en ligne et en anglais!
Alternative news source

Greg palast's website
Greg Palast's website

Counterpunch newsletter
American political newsletter

Douglas Valentine
Douglas Valentine is the author of "The Phoenix Program",
the only comprehensive account of the CIA's torture and assassination operation in Vietnam,
as well as "TDY", a chilling novel about the CIA and the drug trade.

Israel Shamir's website
Israel Shamir is an Israeli writer from Jaffa.

MoveOn.Org website
The global network for democratic media

Danny Schechter, the news dissector
Danny Schechter, the news dissector.

The Daily Mis-Lead!

Corporate Crime Reporter

John Pilger's website

Voices in the Wilderness
Voices in the Wilderness

Wheels of Justice
Wheels of Justice

Al Jazeera in English
Al Jazeera in English

Middle East Children's Alliance
Middle East Children's Alliance

LIP magazine
Lip magazine

PR Watch
Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry

World Socialist Web Site

Anti War dot com
Anti-war news, viewpoints and activities

Medialens : correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

Left Hook
An online journal formed by and for American youth on the radical left

Re-defeat Bush!!!!

Neturei Karta Intl.
The difference between Judaism and Zionism
Neturei Karta

HTML, Java, JavaScript, Internet

Mozilla Org.
Get Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird...

Mozilla en français

Free JavaScript / DHTML Free JavaScript / DHTML
Free JavaScripts from Peter Gehrig and Urs Dudli
JavaScripts gratuits par Peter Gehrig et Urs Dudli

JavaScripts, DHTML, CSS, etc...
AutoScripter: Script engines for web developers!

Macromedia Flash Tutorials !

Popups by

Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components

HTML Goodies
Introduction code HTML
  ZDNet Software Library
 Allen's Win95 Apps List
 Download Butler.
Good Internet glossary and dictionary
Internet Fraud exposed
Internet fraud exposed

Hop On the Internet Tourbus!
Internet Tourbus

Fonts / Polices

Acid Fonts !

1001 Free Fonts !

Fonts and much more !

Fonts by Mary Forrest !

Lots of Typewriter fonts
Big selection of Typewriter fonts
Un grand choix de polices de Machine à écrire 

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