Political Commentaries

by Edward S. Herman

Edward S. Herman is Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, an economist and media analyst. He is author of numerous books, including Corporate Control, Corporate Power (1981), The Real Terror Network (1982), Manufacturing Consent (1988, with Noam Chomsky), Manufacturing Consent has a revised edition of 2002 (Pantheon) as well as a French version (La Fabrique de l'Opinion publique - La Politique économique des médias américains, Serpent à Plumes, 2003), Triumph of the Market (1995), The Myth of The Liberal Media: an Edward Herman Reader (1999),...

He contributes comments on World events. These columns deal with the Russian/IMF/Bank of New York money-laundering case, the hypocritical Western positions and statement on events and responsabilities in East Timor, the possible trial of Pol Pot for war crimes and Henry Kissinger's impunity to any such trial, the double standard in coverage of Suharto and Pol Pot, the media complicity in covering up U.S./Indonesia collusion on East Timor, media subservience to dominant US interests, the US self-given right to bomb, the US as "Superterrorist", genocide in the Middle East, September 11th, Afghanistan, Iraq, "Democracy" in the US Empire, Yugoslavia and Kosovo, Iran.... and much more.

David Peterson has become over the years Ed Herman's main collaborator, and has co-written many of these articles and essays. David Peterson is is an independent journalist and researcher based in the Chicago area of the United States.



Iran’s Dire Threat That It Might Be Able to Defend Itself (2004)


The Fourth "Supreme International Crime" in Seven Years is Already Underway,
with the Support of the Free Press and the "International Community"

US Aggression-Time Once Again: Target Iran (2006)

Beyond Munich:
The UN Security Council Helps Disarm a Prospective Further Victim of U.S. Aggression

The U.S. Aggression Process and Its Collaborators:
From Guatemala (1950-1954) to Iran (2002-...)

Riding the "Green Wave" at the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Beyond (2009)
2009 Iranian elections

The Iran Versus U.S.-Israeli-NATO Threats by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson (2009)

Chutzpah, Inc.: "The Brave People of Iran" (versus the Disappeared People of Palestine, Honduras, Afghanistan, Etc.) (2010)

The Iran Threat in the Age of Real-Axis-of-Evil Expansion (2010)

Russian/IMF/Bank of New York money-laundering case

East Timor

US/Indonesia collusion and media protection and complicity

Pol Pot, Kissinger, war crime trials and impunity

Pol Pot and Suharto

The U.S. right to police, rule, and exterminate

The propaganda model revisited

All The News Fit To Print (part 1-3):
Structure and Background of the New York Times

Exporting Democracy, or a favorable climate of investment?

Atrocities Management


The Clinton Legacy
A return to Hooverite economic policies

Propaganda System Number One: From Arbenz to Diem to Milosevic

The Philadephia Inquirer’s new “right stuff” program

Folks out there have a "distaste of Western civilization and cultural values"
Reflections on the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington

Who Terrorizes Whom?

Final Solution in the Occupied Territories

Axis of Evil

"Tragic errors" as in integral component of Policy

"BODY COUNTS" in imperial service:
Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Elsewhere

Parallel And Linked Genocides: Iraq And Palestine

The Manufactured And Real Iraq Crisis

War-makers, Bribees, And Poodles versus Democracy

A "War On Terror?" Not!

Coalition Of Deception

Media Democratization

Little versus Big Lies (and structure of lies)

Uncle Chutzpah, On A Rampage, Has "Momentum"

Road Map to Sustainable Ethnic Cleansing

Diana Johnstone on the Balkan's war: A review of "Fool's Crusade"

From Vietnam to Iraq
We had to destroy Iraq in order to liberate it:
some eerie similarities between Iraq and Vietnam.

My Very, Very Allergic Reaction To Brad Delong On Chomsky

Rogues have no right to self-defense: and Super-rogue decides who is a rogue

The Cruise Missile Left, part 1

The Cruise Missile Left, Part 2
The anti-ANSWER crusade

The Cruise Missile Left, Part 3
Paul Berman on “Terror and Liberalism”

The Cruise Missile Left, Part 4.
The Nation's Forum on "Humanitarian Intervention"

The Cruise Missile Left, Part 5.
Samantha Power and the Genocide Gambit

Normalizing Godfatherly Aggression
Recapping the media’s selling of conquest and occupation

Coalition Of Joint Venture Looters?

George Bush versus U.S. national security

Liberals in search of a foreign policy

Deficits that Menace (Democratic) and Deficits That Are Tolerable (Republican)

Notes on the American dream
By Richard B. Du Boff

Some Choice Morsels, Past and Present

Marlise Simons on the Yugoslavia Tribunal:
A Study in Total Propaganda Service
Part 1
, part 2, part 3 (footnotes)
with David Peterson

Dasht-E Leili

We Had To Destroy Fallujah in Order to Save It

"They kill reporters, don't they?"
Yes--as Part of a System of Information Control That Will Allow the Mass Killing of Civilians.

Studies in Hypocrisy: From the F-Word to the New York Times and Mrs. Jellyby.

The Farce of the Bush Pursuit of Democracy Abroad -- While Undermining It At Home

The Election In Iraq:
The U.S. Propaganda System Is Still Working In High Gear

The Politics of the Srebrenica Massacre
A number of people replied to Ed's article, with Ed replying to each in turn.
You may follow that debate on Z Magazine's website here: Debating Srebrenica

George Packer and the Liberal Struggle to Support Imperialism

Michael Ignatieff's Pseudo-Hegelian Apologetics for Imperialism;
or, Bush Is Staking All On The Pursuit of Democracy Everywhere

George Orwell is alive and well

On the Preeminence of State Terrorism, Past and Present

How the West and Free Press Have Accepted, Approved and Underwritten Israel’s Long-Term Ethnic Cleansing and Institutionalized Racism,
In Violation of All Purported Enlightenment Values, and With Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy

The Banality of Evil from the book "Triumph of the Market"

A review published in MR of Michael Mandel's " How America Gets Away With Murder"

A Z Magazine review of Peter Brock's "Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting - Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia"

The Political Economy of Sham Justice: Carla del Ponte Addresses Goldman Sachs on Justice and Profits

Ethnic Cleansing: Constructive, Benign, and Nefarious (Kafka Era Studies, No. 1)

Iraq: The Genocide Option

The United States Now Poses The Greatest Threat to Civilization of Any Country  in History

The New York Times on the Libya-Pan Am 103 Case: A Study in Propaganda Service

Genocide Inflation is the Real Human Rights Threat: Yugoslavia and Rwanda

More Nuggets from a Nut House:
Greeting the Shah, Musharraf, and Ahmandinejad: Israeli Bombing of Syria “Fuels Debate”; Antisemitism; Democracy’s Last Throes?

Notes on Economics in the Nut House:
GOP As Party of Budget Restraint; Efficient Markets; Privatization

There is No War on Terror

Safari Journalism: Schindler’s Unholy Terror Versus the Sarajevo Safari’s Mythical Multi-Ethnic Project

Principles of the Imperial New World Order

Further Nuggets From the Nuthouse:
The Law of Conservation of  the Level of  Violence

RussiaCommits Aggression in Georgia and South Ossetia.
The United States Liberates as It Protects Its National Security in Iraq.

The Threat of Nuclear War Grows.

NATO: the Imperial Pitbull

“Look forward, not back,” and other Cliches, Idiocies, and Abused Words

“Protecting Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing” - Deceptively Called “Protecting Israel’s Security”

Paul Kagame: “Our Kind of Guy”

The Demolition of the Yugoslav Tribunal:
A review of Germinal Civikov’s "Srebrenica: The Star Witness"

Gilbert Achcar's Defense of Humanitarian Intervention