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1961 Bobino, Paris

Les Compagnons de la Chansons.

They were a French nine-piece novelty "chanson" act. Edith Piaf launched them in the late forties (probably fucked the good-looking lead-singer, if not all of them!!)

I was 8 years old, and one of the Compagnon's son was my grade school chum (Marc Sabbat, son of Gérard).
He comped me!!
Can you believe that I was on the guest list for my very first concert!!!??? Shape of things to come!!!!!!!

1965 Maison de la Radio/ORTF, Paris (Télé-Dimanche) Dionne Warwick
Summer 1966 Salle des fêtes, St Palais/mer, France Devotion
June 1967 Parking Foch, Paris Soft Machine (Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayres, Daevid Allen (?), Robert Wyatt), Les Variations,...
A big "60s happening", Paris style, in a brand-new, not-yet-in-business, underground parking garage on the Avenue Foch, near the Arc de Triomphe. I was 14 years old, and this was an eye-opener and mind-blower for me!!!
October 28 (or 26), 1968 Olympia, Paris The Mothers of Invention
Fall 1968 or Spring 1969 Lycée Claude Bernard, Paris Patrick Vian's Red Noise
May 25, 1969 The Roundhouse, Chalk farm, London

Fairport Convention Benefit with Pink Floyd, The Deviants, Humblebums (?), ...
Returning from a gig in Birmingham, Fairport Convention's drummer Martin Lamble was killed when the band's van crashed on the M1 motorway. This concert was set-up as a benefit for the band.

 1969 Olympia, Paris Vanilla Fudge
fall 1969 Olympia, Paris Jethro Tull, Free, Spooky Tooth, Clouds.
December 9, 1969 Theatre de l'Est Parisien (TEP), Paris Soft Machine (Mike Ratledge, Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper w/ 4-piece horn section)
Fall 1969 La Mutualité, Paris Brian Auger
October 26, 1969  Amougies festival, Amougies, Belgium The Nice, Caravan, Blossom Toes, Anthony Braxton (?) , Archie Shepp, G.E.R.M,...
French radio DJ/record producer Pierre Lattes and Frank Zappa were the MCs. Frank didn't MC much, but played with everybody!!! The festival lasted 5 days, but I was there only 1 night.
1969 ?? Salle Pleyel, Paris Ravi Shankar and Allah Rakah
1969 Olympia, Paris 666 Festival (!) I remember The Keef Hartley Band, Taste,...
June 7, 1969 Olympia, Paris The Mothers Of Invention, Mycroft Partner (on the tour, didn't play that night!)
October/November (??) 1969 Olympia, Paris Steppenwolf (with Louise Harrison who reminded we went, decades later!!)
November 3, 1969 Salle Pleyel, Paris Miles Davis Quintet, Cecil Taylor Unit (also with Louise Harrison)
Fall 1969 le Lucernaire, Paris Art Ensemble of Chicago
December 1969 The Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, London Juicy Lucy, My Cake
December 31, 1969 Euston Hall, St. Pancras, London Quintessence
January 1970 Lyceum, the Strand, London The Bonzo Dog Band
Spring 1970 (?) University, Nanterre, near Paris. Sun Ra and The Arkestra
February or March 1970 Palais des Sports, Paris. Soft Machine, Iron Butterfly (did not play),...
shortened by riot police, tear gas, etc...
Spring 1970 (?) Somewhere near Port Royal (Faculté de Pharmacie ??), Paris Archie Shepp
Spring 1970 American Center, Blvd. Raspail, Paris. Bachdenkel
June 27-28, 1970 Bath Festival, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England Pink Floyd ("Atom Heart Mother" premiere), Led Zeppelin, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, The Mothers, Santana, Donovan, Ten Years After, Free, The Flock, Johnny Winter, Steppenwolf, Maynard Ferguson Big Band, ... 
August 1970 100 Club, Oxford Street, London Clark-Hutchinson
August 6-9, 1970 Plumpton Festival, England.

Deep Purple, Incredible String Band, Fat Mattress, Cat Stevens, Fotheringay, Groundhogs, Colosseum, Yes, ... I forget the others???
Françoise Hurlin)

August 15, 1970 Halifax festival, England Fotheringay...
I went there as well with the succulent
Françoise Hurlin as well (we were 17!!). Only made it to the festival for one evening and in this case ONE band. Shortened by rain, it's all I remember!
August 1970 Isle of Wight festival, Isle of Wight, England.

Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Miles Davis, Moody Blues, Voices of East Harlem, Taste, Cactus, Joni Mitchell, John Sebastian, Kris Kristofferson,....

December 15, 1970 Gaumont Palace, Paris Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention
Spring 1971 Theatre du Vieux Colombier, Paris Dr. Strangely Strange
1970 or 1971 ?? Le Golf Drouot, Paris Pierre Clémenti/Jean Pierre Kalfon et les Crouilles Marteaux
Spring 1971 Rock & Roll Circus, Paris. Gary Wright,
with guitarist Mick Jones (future Foreigner), then in the Johnny Halliday band!
August, 1971 ?, Revere Beach, Mass. Velvet Underground,
w/ Dougie Yule, without Lou Reed!! :-((
August or September 1971 Boston Common, Boston Aretha Franklyn, the Main Ingredient
November 11, 1971 Music Hall, Boston Pink Floyd (Meddle Tour)
Fall 1971 Music Hall, Boston The Byrds
Throughout 1971 Jack's, Cambridge, Massachussetts Spider John Koerner
Fall 1971  Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Randy Newman
Fall 1971 Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Bonnie Raitt, James Montgomery Blues Band
Fall 1971 Joe's Place, Inman Square, Cambridge, Mass. Koko Taylor
Fall 1971 Joe's Place, Inman Square, Cambridge, Mass. Lowell Fulson
Fall 1971 (?) Music Hall, Boston J. Geils Band, Fleetwood Mac,...
Spring 1972 Orpheum/Aquarius Theatre, Boston J. Geils Band
1972 Music Hall, Boston Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Spring 1972 Cricket Club , Ashland, Mass. Aerosmith
April 11, 1972 Music Hall , Boston Hot Tuna, Commander Cody.
I did the light show with Bob Lewis and Charles Phillips!!
NuClear View Light Show!!
July 19, 1972 Boston Garden, Boston The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder
(second night)
October 1, 1972 Music Hall, Boston David Bowie (Ziggie Stardust Tour) Thanks to Andy Barding for the actual date
March 14 1973 Music Hall, Boston Pink Floyd (Dark Side Tour)
October 17, 1973

Forrest National, Brussels, Belgium

The Rolling Stones in 1973 from 30 feet out, stage center, for 27 Francs
( about $5 in those days !!).

The Rolling Stones, Billy Preston (afternoon show).
There were two shows that day: a sheduled evening performance, and a matinée meant as a replacement for a cancelled Paris concert.
Earlier in this european 'Goat's Head Soup' tour, French police had raided Keith Richards' house, Nellcote, in Villefranche (French Riviera!) and had found a lot of dope. In view of the quantities involved, and the presence of known Marseilles mobsters, French autorities put out an arrest warrant for Keith, regardless of his absence at the time of the police raid and his being out of the country. Had they played the Paris show (at the Palais des Sports), Keith would have been arrested upon entering France. So an afternoon performance was
scheduled in Brussels for the Paris fans.
I traded in my Paris ticket and went up to Brussels! A tremendous affair indeed, with Mick Taylor all over the place, out on an "archive" CD called "Brussels Affair 1973".
1973 ? Opéra de Paris (Palais Garnier) Don Carlo (G. Verdi), Nicolaï Ghiaurov,....
February 4-5 1974  Olympia, Paris Doobie Brothers, Graham Central Station, Little Feat,... Warner Bros. "showcase"
March or April 1974 Apollo Theatre, 125th Street, NYC, NY Aretha Franklyn
May 24, 1974 H.E.C., near Paris. Captain Beefheart and Buckwheat (The Tragic Band!)
September 1974 Olympia, Paris.

The Grateful Dead
At least two shows!!!???

1974 Olympia, Paris Montrose
1975 Spectrum, Philadelphia. Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac,...
1976 Scottish Rites Cathedral, Philadelphia. Gino Vanelli
1976 Scottish Rites Cathedral, Philadelphia. Bob Weir, Cold Blood (w/ Lydia Pense !!)
1976 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia. The Grateful Dead
Summer 1976 Some outdoor Dell-type place, Temple University campus, Ambler, PA Aretha Franklyn
September 1976 Chalet du Lac, bois de Vincennes, Paris The Sex Pistols
Fall 1977 Artemis, Philadelphia. The Cramps
June 17, 1978 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia. The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Peter Tosh
August 19, 1978 The Spectrum, Philadelphia. Bruce Springsteen
November 11, 1978 Irvine Auditorium, U. of Penn., Philadelphia. Jorma Kaukonen, solo acoustic
Fall 1978 Star's, Philadelphia. The Dictators, the Axidentals
November 17, 1978 Star's, Philadelphia Rory Gallagher
1978 or 1979 Calvary Church at 48th and Baltimore, Philadelphia Sun Ra & the Arkestra.
I did the psychedelic light show with Matt Berg. The promoter, Dave Gold, thought to save himself the expense of real lights. Ra was none too pleased NOT to have even a spotlight on him!! :-))
February 23, 1979 The Hot Club, Philadelphia. Ultravox, Bloodless Pharaohs (with Brian Setzer and his brother Gary on drums), Neighbors and Allies
February 24 (or 22), 1979 The Hot Club, Philadelphia. Magazine, Bloodless Pharaohs (with Brian Setzer and his brother Gary on drums), Neighbors and Allies
1979 Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. The Clash, The Undertones
1979 The Hot Club, Philadelphia

Daevid Allen and Gong, with Gilli Smyth. Yoschko Seffer. The NU band/Material with Bill Laswell, Cliff Cultrery, Michael Beinhorn, Fred Maher...
I did the psychedelic light show. The Laswell crew wasn't pleased because they didn't have enough lights and couldn't see their instruments as they played!!!

Fall 1979 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia. Gary Numan, Nash the Slash
December 20, 1979 Scala Cinema, London This Heat, The People in Control
December 23 (??), 1979 Butler's Wharf, Thames south bank, London

Throbbing Gristle

Butler's Wharf & Tower Bridge (photo 1999)

1978 ?? Hurrahs, W.60th Street (?), New York. The Student Teachers

Here are some photos,

Music ones, having to do with some of these concerts. Only a few right now, more later!!!

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