Articles, music and travel stories


Music articles and music- and travel-related stories I wrote for magazines Carbon 14 (Philadelphia), Magnet (Philadelphia),
B-Sides (Cherry Hill),
and Lumpen (Chicago).

Note: OMIP = Our Man In Paris

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India 2003   Avignon 2002   Chirac and Elections 2002   Soccer webmaster 2001   Avignon 1999  London 1999  Macbeth at Paris Opera 1999  Avignon, Sorrento, Capri and Roma, 1998  French Hip Hop 1998  India, Mumbai, Mysore, Ellora, Goa, Hampi, 1997  Dadaist Street Theatre 1997  First time in Sorrento and Roma, 1996  John Spencer, Morphine, The Cramps, Wolfgang Pushnig, 1995   The Young Gods at La Cigale, Paris, 1995  The Jesus Lizard, Glenn Branca, Peter Hammill, and... HER!! 1994  Liège and Maastricht during World Cup 94, 1994  Richard Pinhas and Cyborg Sally, 1994  Ozric Tentacles in London, 1994  Rise Robots Rise, 1993  Over The Rhine, 1993  Diamanda Galas, 1992